Types of Markets

Markets: A Market can be defined as total number of buyers and sellers in the region or area covered by attention. The reason or area may be include earth, states, country or cities.

The value of the items and cost or price are being traded mainly depends on supply and demands in the markets. The nature of markets can be physical body, or might be virtual, it may also be global market or local market, perfect market and imperfect market.

Different Nature and Types of Markets all you Need to Know

Available Market: It is kind of market where all the people in that area can easily get the goods within the available market.

Market Minimum: This type of market are small in size where people can buy goods or products without much marketing efforts. From this type of market lowest sale company can get without taking any action. Today this type of markets are getting even lower.

Market Potential: It is the type of maximum market size where people can buy goods or products it subject to great marketing action can a company take. The upper limit for sales and marketplace within market potential.

There are Mainly two Types of Markets Namely Economic Markets and Physical Markets.

Economic Markets: some of famous types of markets include in this are as – Financial Market, Media market, Foreign exchange market, Stock market, Real estate marketing, agriculture marketing, Niche market, Energy market etc.

Physical Markets: Example of this kind of market can include these – Bazaar, Fish market, Grocery market, Market town, Street market, Supermarket, Public market, Farmer’s market etc.

Some of Famous Markets in Details

Foreign Exchange Market: It is a global market which trade the currency value in different mode. It may include buying, selling and exchanging of different currencies art the current valuation or price. It also allows people to exchange their money with ease of exchange facility.

Stock Markets: it is also known as share market or equity market. It is type of markets where people buy and sell the share and stock which let them to claim on business as shareholder. Stock markets may include securities funds and some private funds too. Stock exchange market list shares of common equity and other securities too.

Financial Markets: Financial markets are type of market where people trade financial securities as well as commodity, and at low value or prices which depends on supply and demand chain. This type of market include physical location and electronics system as well. The term financial markets often used to refer raise in finance.

Media Markets: Media market is also known as newscast market, media field, labelled market area and TV marketing area. Here people are being offered similar television or radio station. It also includes different types of offering like newspaper and online content.

Agriculture Marketing: It is generally cover the services used to transport or moving the agriculture products from farm to consumer. It is also a well organised system to manage harvesting, grading, packing, storage, transport, food processing, distribution and sale.