5 Easy to Follow Tips to Make your Car Fuel Efficient

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A good driver is one who takes care of the car with a feel of self-belonging. A car is not merely an asset but lovable possession. If you also love your car and maintain it in good condition, here are five ways to make your car fuel efficient and save some money which you can spend on road trips with your car:

1. Follow the Recommendations of your Vehicle Manufacturer:

It is best to follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer with respect to the type of fuel to be used in cars and the motor oil to be used in mechanical parts of your car’s engine. This is because the fuel (premium or regular) and the motor oil brand are tested several times and the best performing fuel and motor oil are recommended thereafter.

So, believe in your manufacturer and do not compromise quality for the cost to ensure the good of your car or caravan. The speed limit in each gear as mentioned by the vehicle manufacturer for manual driving shall also be followed. Do not delay in switching up the gear along with accelerating the speed so that you can save fuel.

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2. Wisely use the Pedals:

You cannot be F1 racer while driving a regular car in the city or even on a long drive. The swag is not in driving speedily and then stopping suddenly, but the real champ is one who smoothly accelerates the car and stops it with the same evenness. The same applies to the speed drive. A high-speed drive demands sudden changes in speed, using more engine power and thus more fuel whereas an easy driving at a constant speed gives better fuel average and can be managed by efficient drivers only.

3. Weight Management:

Do not overstuff your car than the weight limit given with your car. Special care is needed when you are using your car for commercial purposes. Overburdening will increase fuel consumption in addition to adversely affecting the engine of the car.

4. Tire Pressure:

Though the easiest but most overlooked way to save your car fuel is maintaining appropriate tire pressure. Appropriate pressure enables the vehicle to roll and turn without any resistance, thereby saving car fuel. If you want to avoid standing on fuel station for filling air then you can buy your own gadget for air filling. The way could be either; it is important to maintain air pressure in tires not only for saving fuel but also for safe driving.

5. Turn off the Car while Idling:

When the car is not running but turned on, it consumes fuel unnecessarily and also release gases to the atmosphere which can be avoided if you wisely turn off your car while prolonged idling. Following the above-listed tips will indefinitely save your fuel if practiced dedicatedly and regularly. Though there are many other ways of saving fuel, you can start with the mentioned above. Along with saving fuel a good driver or owner of the car must also ensure regular maintenance check-up of the car to give it a longer on-road life.

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