10 Corporate Gift Ideas

Last Updated on May 20, 2021 by MoneyVisual

Gifts at the office can feel a little overwhelming. You might not necessarily spend a lot of time with your coworkers discussing their favorite things in life. Their favorite episode of The Office… of course. But their goals and aspirations? Probably not.

If you are looking for corporate gift ideas, here are a few of our favorites that are tried and true to make a good impression all while keeping you from spending hours on end shopping for the perfect gift.

1. Promotional Gifts

Let´s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. We all wonder if promotional gifts are a good idea. Truthfully, they are a wise idea. They keep your business on the mind of clients, employees and future clients and employees.

Add that to being useful and you have the makings of a great gift. Just make sure you know your audience. Mugs are always a safe bet. However, if you are golf company or your clients are all heavily into something niched like golf… golf balls with your company logo can be a big hit. The staff at Promotions Warehouse can help you to match a client with the ideal product.

2. Gift Cards

There is little that clients and coworkers appreciate more than gift cards. It is a great way to provide dinner on you for themselves and their spouses or friends. This is especially thoughtful if your employees pull long hours every week. If they do not have a lot of extra time to go out to eat with loved ones, this is a great way to give back for all that they do for you.

3. Education

While you cannot afford to send everyone to college, you can afford to invite a speaker to host a seminar especially for your employees. Have local vendors cater the event. Give out special swag bags to make it feel like a treat and not a class. This will provide them with new skills and you with better, more up-to-date workers.

4. Chargers

We all need an extra charger and come to think of it… when we do need one – we never know where the one we usually use is. This is why chargers make a great corporate gift idea. You might need to take into consideration that not everyone will have the same make and model of phone, you can find chargers that come with many different attachment styles, making them a working gift for anyone on your corporate gift list.

5. Notebooks

While we all are glued to our technology these days, we all also need a great notebook to keep our ideas in, our notes and our expenses. Beautifully bound notebooks make a great gift for your clients and employees. If you want to get fancy, consider journals with a leather binding with your company’s imprint.

Pen sets go great with this idea if you want to add a little more to your gift bags. However, you do not need to invest in super expensive pens. Just pick your favorite brand at the store and gently clip them on to the front of the notebooks.

6. Bags

While you might not run out and buy yourself a ton of bags… one thing is for sure, when you are going on a trip or on your way to a meeting… a lot of times you wish that you had an extra bag to carry your things along. This is where corporate bags come in.

Tote bags are essentially pretty cheap to have printed and can help you to create a nice gift in and of themselves… or you can add to them by placing a few fun items inside as a treat.

7. Candies

You really cannot ever go wrong with the gift of food. Everyone has to eat… and most everyone loves candy. You can also consider healthier options like nut varieties. To make this gift more corporate, tie a ribbon around with a business card or company logo. You can also have certain companies craft their own boxes with your logo on them. This is especially true for local companies and they also seem to look more thought out when you buy locally.

8. Spa Day

If you have a small staff list or clientele group, you might consider gifting your people with a spa day. If you are looking to treat your employees, you can have companies come to your place of business for 30-minute massages. If that isn´t what you had in mind, consider gift cards for a local spa of your choice. You might be able to swing a discount if you are buying in bulk so be sure to ask. It never hurts to check and see!

9. Jackets

Everyone needs a nice jacket for colder weather or rainy days. This is especially good advertising because if you buy a great quality coat you are almost guaranteed that your clients and employees will wear them more than just to work. A great corporate jacket is nicely lined and weather resistant. Many companies specialize in this. If you are going for something traditional, think locally or try spots like L.L. Bean.

10. Hats

Bad hair day or a no hair day… men and women alike will appreciate a good quality hat. Whether they are trying to avoid showing that receding hairline or their unwashed hair on their jog, a hat is sure to get plenty of use. If you want a bold look, you can go with the traditional company logo on the front.

However, if you want something a little understated, print a smaller logo on the side or back instead. It is a modern approach to an age old corporate gift idea favorite. Corporate gift ideas are always a little taxing. So, if you are still feeling a little lost, ask around.

What worked for other businesses? What do your employees think would make a great gift? Sometimes a little feedback is all that you need to be on the right track to suiting your audience and making a memorable impression.