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5 Trends That are Shaping the E-commerce World

If you’ve been making money by selling your products online, then it’s pretty obvious that you’ve been facing several business obstacles – the most common one being the constant development in the landscape of modern-day technology.

That being said, if you want your business to be successful, it’s extremely important for you to stay up-to-date and on top of your game, especially when it comes to the latest trends in the world of online shopping.

Of course, it’s important for you to make more sense of your storeroom layout, but it’s equally essential to keep an eye on the latest developments taking place in the market.

In order to help you out with just that, in this article, we have mentioned 5 trends that are slowly making changes to the world of e-commerce as we’re heading toward the year 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

With Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa increasing in popularity in 2023 – alongside the inception of Apple’s Homepod – it’s quite evident that voice search has been all the rage and is surely going to stay longer.

Truth be told, ‘smart/Bluetooth speakers’ have been this year’s rapidly growing technology as per various studies.

In addition to the constant use and development of voice assistants in smartphones, such as Samsung’s Bixby and Apple’s Siri, it is easy to understand exactly why every e-commerce store must be ahead of the curve in terms of voice search.

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Social Media Shopping

Apart from going to the store and personally picking up items, in today’s time customers have also started shopping from online apps using their social media accounts.

Visual mediums such as Instagram and Pinterest have been leading the way, letting e-commerce owners and brands create a fine line between sales and marketing by turning the number of “likes” into immediate purchases.

However, the moment social media shopping starts becoming too mainstream, people would no longer visit the website to purchase products – rather they’ll simply prefer hitting the purchase button without having to leave their favorite social media applications.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

There’s no doubt that it’s really fun to shop online; but, one of the biggest disadvantages is that one cannot really test or try out a specific product before making the final decision of purchasing it. However, the gap between the virtual and real world is being bridged by augmented reality.

For example, amazon’s AR view application now lets people see how their product would actually look in their house with the help of their phone’s camera – yeah, as the day goes by, it’s becoming easier and easier to figure out what would best suit your needs.

If technology keeps developing in the same space, that day wouldn’t be far enough when we could actually “try out” clothes without having the need to go to a store. Along with determining the color that best suits you, augmented reality would also be able to decide the right size for you.

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Automation and Chatbots

Though the constantly increasing basket value and sales volume are by far the best methods to give your business the much-needed boost, determining its effectiveness with the help of automation can also help you increase your revenues.

After all, why would you put in essential man-hours to get done with a job that even machines can, do quite well?

At the moment, automation tools are personifying the rise of chatbots – virtual assistants providing quick answers to customers through some sort of messenger application.

Well, several studies have also revealed that the majority of customers often prefer avoiding any kind of interaction when shopping and are more than happy with receiving answers to their questions without having to fill up forms or pick up calls.

Yes, chatbots are being used for a while now, however, they’re increasing in popularity because of their sophisticated design. By merging them with your advertising channels and tracking the online website activity, a chatbot can create data based on the preferences of your customer, making it easier for you to direct them smartly down your sales funnel.

So, now that you know how these top trends are changing the way the world of e-commerce used to work, it’s high time that you, as a business, be up to date with all of them in order to stay ahead of your game!

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