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The Best Internet Marketing Blogs to Read in 2023

Today it is fashionable to blog, but it is also fashionable to read and follow updates in your favorite field. As you know, digital marketing is now developing at an incredible speed.

It is a modern niche that speaks a lot, which means that information about it scatters at the speed of light.

Some are teeming with ads and do not give the very same query in the search at all.

If you are a copywriter, internet marketer, SMM manager, web analyst, or simply interested in digital marketing and internet trends, then this article is for you.

We’re going to talk about popular blogs that will help you improve your skills and learn something new in the right area.

Digital for Everyone

1. Digital Marketing News and Reviews: Marketing Land

Danny Sullivan is considered the founder of this blog and is suitable for important upcoming digital marketing launches and announcements.

This blog can be said to be about everything: daily news about digital technology, as well as all areas of internet marketing in one place.

It will be very useful for all digital specialists. From the pros – blog articles are divided into sections: SEO, SMM, mobile communications, analytics, etc.), so you can easily find what interests you, it is very convenient. Basically, you will be immersed in relevant, modern news and information.

Marketing Land is a subsidiary of Search Engine Land. Their publication publishes daily messages and even sensational stories, industry trends, tips, and tricks on various aspects of the digital marketing industry.

In addition to digital marketing best practices, the blog also touches on areas such as email marketing, social media, and more.

2. Hubspot Blog

And a diversified blog that may be of interest not only to internet marketers but also to everyone who associates their activities with sales.

In various sections, you will find the information you need, including how to understand your target audience and how potential buyers build all the information. Analysis and conclusions are what novice specialists and professionals need as well.

Initially, he developed a marketing and sales solution for Small and Medium Enterprises, but for more than 10 years the company has developed solutions to fully support companies of all sizes.

Among the company’s clients, there are small startups of several people. The current version of Hubspot is ideal for:

  1. B2B companies of any profile – from event organizers to industrial equipment manufacturers.
  2. Online Services: A lot of SaaS companies and online services use Hubspot. Thanks to its open API, the solution can be easily integrated into online products.
  3. IT companies. IT business (especially B2B) is characterized by long sales cycles and a large number of people involved in marketing and marketing activities.
  4. FinTech companies. Again, thanks to its open API and interfaces, Hubspot CRM is very quickly implemented and integrated with other systems and services.
  5. The solution is bad for:
  6. Large Retail (offline stores, retail chains, etc.).
  7. Companies looking for a tailor-made solution. For example, if you are a retail bank looking for a CRM that allows you to build your credit card approval process, you should consider Oracle or SAP solutions.
  8. Very large companies (with a sales and marketing department> 200 people). There is a small caveat here: in such companies it is possible to use several functions, some functions (for example, work of sales managers with contacts, lead management, CRM integration with a website and Marketing Hub) Hubspot CRM outperforms Enterprise-level competitors.

A large part of his strategy is creating valuable blog content on nearly every topic imaginable from a marketing standpoint. As a result, the HubSpot blog is read by millions of marketers every day and is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn the most cutting-edge strategies.

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3. Content Marketing Institute

Original marketing research and, most interestingly, content marketing trends, as well as articles that are directly devoted to the development of content marketing, storytelling practice, as well as the introduction of content into advertising campaigns.

Here will be up-to-date tips for creating and improving your content strategy. It is similar to ICOholder, an up-to-date and modern cryptocurrency platform, whereby by observing new products in the field, you can increase not only your volume of knowledge but also your income.

In the same case, using the example of brand advertising campaigns, they show how the right content can attract and retain an audience. We will also consider outdated strategies and the reasons why they have ceased to be in demand. As they say, in order to get a good future, you need to understand the past.

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4. MarketingSherpa

Oh, this is a real library of research developers for all marketers!

Scientific approaches, up-to-date statistics, and graphs are all thanks to which marketers were able to improve the results of their advertising campaigns.

The company conducts one of the broadest research studies in email marketing every year and publishes it in its Email Marketing Benchmark report. All charts and research results are detailed in the MarketingSherpa blog.

In addition to all these qualities, MarketingSherpa annually organizes the largest email marketing event in the world – the Email Summit, during which marketers discover new trends and meet experts in the field of email marketing.

It is important to note the lightboxes of the registration forms, where you can choose whether to subscribe to weekly news or weekly charts, or both at once. (This is the best practical example you can use in your email marketing activities.) Also, check out SherpaStore for an extensive library of books and online resources, which is pretty cool if you agree.

What is Most Important?

Charts, tables, graphs, and all the other evidence of deep and qualitative research make it an ideal place for research for the purpose of creating presentations, writing blogs, and writing articles.

The courses are similar in their plans and some even the issues discussed in them, but still, in their own way, are unique and good.

Who is Interested in Web Analytics

1. Kissmetrics

What: analytics and testing. Everything you need from landing page analysis to large-scale marketing research in the modern world.

The blog authors regularly conduct their own research with the latest analytical research. These are no longer courses that do not rigged for each participant individually, is individual, it is much more convenient.

By the way, the blog contains a lot of useful tips about working in social networks and setting up e-mail newsletters, which, too, is currently a modern solution that many businesses need.

KISSmetrics is a team analytics platform that allows you to track your audience, glue information about it from different devices, optimize sales and marketing, and automate customer support. The service allows you to increase conversion, understand customer needs and always keep abreast of the state of affairs.

Key features of KISSmetrics:

  • Free installation guide.
  • Funnel reports.
  • Cohort reports.
  • Retention reports.
  • Client profiles.
  • Contact lists.
  • A / B test reports.
  • Conversion periods.
  • Email support.
  • Sandbox testing/stages.
  • Data segmentation at any time.
  • Real-time data monitoring/debugger.
  • Support for different devices and platforms.
  • Data export.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Phone and Email support.

Who will benefit from the Kissmetrics tool? To all those who are engaged in e-commerce:

  • owners of online stores;
  • founders of cloud services;
  • marketers and analysts.
  • Occam’s Razor

What the blog is about – guides for working with basic metrics, in which the famous specialist Avinash Koshik not only wrote a handbook for novice web analysts but also continues to maintain his blog to this day, in which he publishes author’s recommendations for everyone who is interested in working with data. He shares his experience and gives advice to everyone who wants to understand this topic.

2. Google Analytics Solutions

This is the official Google Analytics blog about analytics, where you can track new features and tools and how to work with them. For the latest innovations, you can dine with the developers of the main web analytics tool. Here you can also find not only visual instructions for working with the service but also articles on topics that are important for all marketers.

SEO Specialist

1. The Moz Blog

Analytical articles and SEO research on how different ranking factors affect SERPs. The blog features step-by-step SEO beginners’ guides to help tailor new items to your business. an educational and analytical tool specializing in SEO optimization problems.

The main goal is to attract customers and increase traffic. Here you can find courses for beginners, as well as a variety of content, which is dealt with by a whole team of specialists.

There is a certain tradition – on Fridays, videos are released, in which they clearly and simply explain the mechanisms of work of search engines and advise tools for their promotion.

2. Search Engine Land

There are publications on everything related to search marketing. Search Engine Land is one of the best search engine blogs for in-depth news and analysis from the search marketing industry.

One of the advantages of the blog is that it is updated regularly – 3-4 times a day, that is, there will be more than enough news. By subscribing to the blog, you will definitely not miss important news and innovations in the field of SEO, as well as learn about its news and updates.

3. Search Engine Journal

A blog containing articles and news about SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and, of course, social media promotion. networks. The topics are varied: SEO promotion and tools for tracking its rank, the neural compatibility method from Google, the issues of updating existing digital content, and much more.

Subscribers of the resource can get acquainted with interesting books available only in this community, view records on YouTube, listen to podcasts, and receive newsletters for the latest news.

SEJ is unique in its community-driven approach to search marketing and is specifically dedicated to releasing the latest search news, best guides, and best practices for the SEO community and marketers. The search engine log covers topics on SEO, PPC, Content marketing, Social media, news, Practical guides for beginners, Digital Marketing Trends, Algorithm updates.

Like the blogs above, there are plenty of benefits to this, even if they are similar in the courses themselves.

Conclusion :

Today it is very important to develop in any area because nothing will come easily and quickly. You need to read, watch videos on topics of interest to you; communicate with people, and improve in every possible way in your business.

Therefore, we advise you to join the blogs above to pump your knowledge. Be aware of all events and then you will also be in the center because your fox development will lead to greater development of your business.

We recommend that you use the tips above and then your training will not only be productive, but also interesting.

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