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Top 8 FAQs You Must Learn Before You Buy a Business Credit Report Online

Often too many questions cross people’s minds when they do something for the first time.

You might be in the same boat as well if you have never tried before to buy a business credit report online. Besides this, have you ever thought?

Why it is so essential to buy other company’s credit documents before giving trade credit to them? If not, we will enlighten you about many queries today, including this issue in this blog. So, let’s start:

Eight Common Questions and Answers You Must Read Before You Buy a Business Credit Report Online

1. What is a Business Credit Report, and Why is It Important?

In the “simplest” terms, you can perceive a “business credit report” as an official document focused on a company’s financial health. Many credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and Dun and Bradstreet publish business credit reports of various companies based on the transactional information they receive from creditors, lenders, suppliers, or any other business entity for that matter.

For instance, when you peep into Experian’s business credit reports, they will contain “monetary” information, i.e., either sourced from a third party or verified by a 3rd party. 

Hence, if you are looking to buy business credit report online from the above credit companies, you can be rest assured about getting reliable and non-biased information, giving you a clear idea of how an enterprise manages its financial obligations. 

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2. Can You See the Business Credit Report of Other Organizations?

Yes, of course! And do you know what the good news is? You don’t need approval from the respective business owners to procure their company’s credit report. 

3. What will a Business Credit Report Tell You?

If we talk about Experian’s report, it will show you understandable business credit information, such as financial and public record information, comprehensive demographic, and analytic scores

To be more specific, it will contain details, like:

A. Credit

It involves the number of trade experiences, outstanding balances, payment frequency, credit utilization, and trends over time. 

B. Public Records

It entails recency, frequency, and other amounts related to judgments, bankruptcies, and liens. 

C. Demographic Information

It encompasses the years on file, business size, and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.

4. How can you Get a Business Credit Report?

You can purchase business credit documents from the leading business report selling sites on the internet, no matter if you want to get Experian, Equifax, or Dun and Bradstreet records. 

5. What Type of Information does a Business Credit Report Have?

A branded organizational credit report will provide you with an objective view of a company’s overall financial health, including but not limited to:

  • Company background
  • Collections information
  • Actual trade payment experiences
  • Public record information
  • Comparative data showing a company’s payment performance with “respect” to its industry

Just to let you know, several informative pieces you see in company credit reports come from real businesses “just” like yours. They provide credit bureaus with their accounts receivable information, which leads to the “generation” of accurate and non-biased organizational credit reports. 

6. What is DBT?

DBT stands for Days Beyond Term, i.e., “simply” average number of days a business pays its invoice beyond the due date. Generally, it is based on the tradelines updated in the previous three months. 

If you don’t know what “tradeline” means, we must tell you that it is “simply” a term that credit bureaus use to describe the credit accounts in a company credit report. Thus, if you look at the tradeline in your potential company’s credit documents, you will find a separate trade line for each account, including information about their creditors and their debt. 

To calculate DBT correctly, you need to factor in the payments made by companies after 30 days. A case in point here is the DBT of 5 means an enterprise pays their bills at 35 days on average. Moreover, if you glance at Experian’s report, it will show you the DBT for the businesses as “well” as the average DBT of their industry. 

7. What does “Continuous Trades” Mean?

The “continuous trades” are existing tradelines that get updated in the previous three months. Apart from that, they often get “used” to calculate DBT, quarterly DBT, and monthly DBT. 

8. What are UCC Filings?

UCC or “Uniform Commercial Code” filings are “generally” a requirement when a company or firm pledges their assets as collateral to get a loan. If you buy business credit report online from Experian, you will see up to 10 most recent UCC filings, such as original, amendments, or termination. 

Final Remarks 

We hope you got a feel for purchasing business credit reports now and understanding its critical information “easily.” So, if you liked this piece of content and want to “buy business credit documents” of various firms now, please feel free to head to a famous business report shopping site on the web.

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