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15 Fun Employee Field Day Ideas

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Hosting an employee field is the perfect summertime social event as long as you don’t pick a day that’s too hot. However, not all childhood field games translate well to adults. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 15 field day games that are perfect for coworkers to play together. Just don’t forget to have some summer promotional gifts on hand to reward the winners!

Ball Toss

This classic field day game can be done by almost anyone. Have everyone line up and toss an identical ball as far as they can. Whoever throws it the farthest is declared the winner. Make sure that everyone has an identical ball to throw so that the competition is fair.

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Water Balloon Toss

This is a team game, unlike the ball toss. Divide people into teams of two, make them stand a few feet apart, and have them toss a water balloon back and forth. If a team drops their balloon, they are eliminated. Each time a team is eliminated, reset the round and have the remaining teams increase the distance between the contestants. The last team standing is the winner and gets some fun corporate swag.

Three-Legged Race

Another field game classic, this one requires teams of two to tie their legs together, then hoof it to the finish line as fast as they possibly can. Make sure to do this on a soft surface, such as grass, since falls are common.

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Hop Sack Races

Relive your childhood with a traditional hop-sack race. Give each contestant a sack and have them get into it, and then hop to the finish line as fast as they can without falling. If you want to, you can disqualify anyone who falls to keep things interesting.

Musical Chairs

This is best played with lightweight camp chairs that are easily transported; have each person bring a camp chair so that you have enough. You can also use beach towels or other outdoor swag that can act as a seat if you don’t want to bother with chairs. Reduce the number of chairs by one each round until a winner is left standing.

Hula Hooping

This simple game involves one objective: Hula hoop for as long as possible without letting it drop. If you have a lot of talented hula hoopers in your company, you can do more complicated variations on this, such as passing the hula hoop over your arms or creating a hula hoop relay.

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Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Race
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If you don’t want to bother with the mess of real eggs, you can use ping pong balls or any other object that is small and round in place of them. If you don’t use something breakable, make sure to disqualify people if they drop the item anyway — they can’t just pick up the ping pong ball and keep going.


This classic lawn game can be played individually or in teams. It’s a nice casual option for when you want something a little less competitive that allows you to talk over a cold beverage. You can get an actual cornhole set or play an easier version using hula hoops and bean bags.

Frisbee Golf

Like regular golf, the objective of Frisbee golf is to hit a series of targets on as few throws as possible. This game can take as much or as little time as you want, depending on the number of targets, and it is best played in a large park when there are not too many other people around.

Relay Race

You can’t go wrong with a classic relay race during an employee field day. This idea is awesome because it requires people to work together in small teams to reach the finish line first. You can combine a relay race with other ideas on this list, including the egg and spoon race and the water balloon relay.

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Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course and have people race through it to see who can clock the fastest time. Get creative with the obstacles that you create or rent a blow-up obstacle course for maximum convenience.

Tug of War

Tug of War
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If you’re looking for the ultimate Squid Game vibes, then consider the traditional tug of war. Line up teams on both sides of the line and have them pull on the rope with all their might. Whichever team can pull the other over to their side wins.

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Soccer Billiards

If you enjoy the pool, then you’ll absolutely love soccer billiards, which replace the pool balls with (you guessed it) soccer balls. In this case, your legs act as the pool stick, and you must kick the cue ball into the others. If you are able to knock another ball outside the boundaries, then you get points.

Oversized Kickball

Take kickball to the next level by using an oversized ball, such as a beach ball. This is a great team activity for larger groups, making it the perfect opportunity to pit contestants against each other. The larger ball makes it easier for people with minimal sports experience to play, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

100 Yard Dash

This simple race is a great addition to any field day. Measure out 100 yards (or any distance of your choice), and then see who can run it the fastest. If you want to, you can also add a complication such as hopping on one foot or having to balance a bean bag on your head.

Make sure to have a backup for your field day in case the weather turns out to be inclement. Many of these games can be played inside a gymnasium or a similarly large open space, so your field day doesn’t have to be scrapped if your forecast calls for rain. Good luck planning your employee field day!

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