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How to Make Your Online Business Successful Using Link Building Strategies?

It is the age of technology where everyone is looking for ways to promote their business. If you own some kind of business or service, you would also be looking for internet marketing services to grow your business.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business or a big business, what matters is that your products or services must reach your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key elements among internet marketing services to grow your business.

SEO refers to creating content that is optimized for a particular group of people to promote business. But creating content isn’t enough to rank your website among the top searches.

You have to establish authority by link building if you plan to rank among the top searches of a search engine.

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Now you must be confused about what is link building and how to do it. Well, here we have the ultimate guide to link building. Have a detailed look below:

What is Link Building?

Link building is actually a small part of SEO. In the process of link building, you get the website links and put them in your website content in order to rank your website on the SERPs.

These links are known hyperlinks. Also, you should add more than one link because the more links you put in, the chances of ranking your website among top searches are going to be high.

The thing is that search engines value quality over quantity. When you develop content for a specific website, it contains keywords to reach the people, but it will not reach most people because there is no trustworthy link that connects the two websites.

These search engines are likely to rank your website high when there are links to trustworthy websites. This way the content on your website will be considered relevant and of good quality. The content will be shared, linked to, and commented on.

And when it is shared and commented on, it will become popular and get better rankings in the Google algorithm.

Also, all sorts of internet marketing specialists and content creators use link-building. It is just as necessary as other SEO practices such as keyword research and unique content.

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Why is Link Building Such an Important Thing?

Well, Link building is just like relationships. When you have a few trustworthy links on your website content, search engines are likely to treat your website with respect. Similarly, if there are spam links on your website, they will be graded down in the search engine algorithm.

Again, you will have to put links that are good for your website and are relevant to your content. Find the links that have a high fan following. By putting them on, your website will have automatically more clicks. This will ultimately boost your website traffic.  

Search engine algorithms are evolving every year and the competition is getting really tough out there. Some people have had their time to build links, while some are constantly advancing them to generate more traffic.

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What are the Link Types?

Google penalizes websites that use low-quality links. There are two types of links used on websites.

Editorial links:

These links are organic because of good quality stellar marketing campaigns, and the relevancy of your content. You don’t pay for these links at all. You don’t ask anyone to link your site. But you still got to give them a reason to link to your websites like sharing on social media or any place where they could see your content.


It is a common type of link for small and unknown businesses. If you are a business owner, you would need to contact other website owners to link with you.

In the same way, backlinking can get you higher ranks because it shows that your website is worthy of citation. 

Apart from these, there are inbound and outbound links. They are also important on any website. Google takes notice of these inbound and outbound links to rank your websites.

If these links are good and functional, they will be good for your website. They become the following links. But there are links that don’t impact your website ranking, so they are called no-follow links. Their purpose is to advertise websites or get comments.

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How to Determine Which Website Link is Good?

Whether you are new in the content field or have been here for some time, you must know that connecting with an already-established brand or one that has been gaining popularity recently is not the same.

Some links have value and they are good for your link-building strategy. They are known as authoritative website links. If your content is good, you have a slim chance of being coveted by these authoritative websites.

Because webmasters often checkup on the websites that have been linked, if they find your website good, they might give you a shoutout or repost your article or blog after seeking your permission.

Picking them is easy, just pick the ones that have a good reputation and are relevant to your industry. Sources like Forbes, New York Times, or ESPN are great for information.

For example, let’s say you are a new makeup artist, you might get more followers if you link up with Kylie cosmetics or MAC because they are established brands of makeover accessories instead of an unknown makeup brand that is not recognized. You can also use makeup experts’ names such as Mario Dedivanovic or Hung Vanngo. The catch is to stay relevant within your field.

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What are the Ranking Factors for Link Building?

Every content creator would want to be linked back by authoritative websites but what are the ranking factors that can get you fast linking from your favorite websites? Here, we have gathered four of them.

  • PageRank: The Google Search algorithm rates the quality of a website page. So, check PageRank before linking your website or content to it.
  • Relevance: Don’t ever build any links if you haven’t read the content on that particular page. Only link it if you feel like this content is relevant to your website or business. if you link it and it is not relevant, it would be wasting your money and putting the credibility of your website at stake.
  • Quality of Articles: For effective link building, you need to maintain the quality of your articles. Be sure to double-check it before posting.
  • Traffic: Make sure your selected website has a lot of traffic because traffic will attract more visitors to your website. 


Link building is not an easy task, but it would be better if done properly. It is worth the effort because it can help your website with SEO and ranking.

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