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Sharing Wedding Ceremonies on Social Media

These days it seems social media has been seeping into every corner of our lives. No outing, movie night, gym visit, or even hospital visit is ever completely social media free.

Wedding ceremonies are no exception, and for brides-to-be, this can be a cause for anxiety. Here are a few things to take into consideration for a stress-free experience with social media at your wedding.

Decide on the Scale of Sharing

Want to share it with the world? Your call. Go on any of your social media platforms, even get help from jaynike and show off your wedding to the world. You can share on multiple apps at once, or choose one as your primary streaming platform. If you are comfortable scaling up your social media presence on your big day, that’s your decision to make.

If not, get everyone to hand in their phones at the door. You will have more control over the type of media being shared. A little forethought is enough to take away from your stress. Having an ‘offline’ wedding means you need not worry about unflattering photos.

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Should you opt for social media at your wedding, consider thinking of a unique hashtag for your guests to use. This will make browsing for your wedding photos on Instagram (or any other social media app) easier. Be sure it isn’t something vague, and simple enough that everyone can use it easily.

Do not choose words that are hard to spell – that will just give you several variations of your hashtag and a headache searching. Be sure your guests post them on their pages and not their stories – that way the photos and videos aren’t deleted within 24 hours (before you ever see them).

Budget-Friendly Decorations

Weddings can be expensive. No, really expensive. If you’re looking to cut down on costs, there are millions of DIY ideas for many wedding decorations and centerpieces available on YouTube and Pinterest. In 2019, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was over $30,000 – so cutting back on some of the expenses will definitely be a relief.

It can even be made into an event for you and your closest friends – get together, and have some fun creating art. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t pick out DIY projects that are too elaborate; otherwise, you’d just be adding to the stress. Choose simple, elegant, easy-to-create pieces that you can replicate with your friends.

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Avoid Oversharing

You might feel the need to share every minuscule detail of your wedding, even the days leading up to the ceremony. However, you will find that your followers might get easily bored with the repetitive nature of these posts.

If you wait between posts about your upcoming wedding, the day itself will be all the more special. Even during the ceremony, try to focus on your surroundings and forget about posting a photo of your shoes. Oversharing will easily overwhelm your social media followers, so simply avoid it.

Review Your Privacy Settings

Before the big day, it is a good idea to have a look through your privacy settings on multiple accounts. You might not feel comfortable showing your wedding photos and videos to random strangers (or an ex perhaps). More often than you think, privacy settings on social media apps aren’t set as strictly as you thought they were.

Alternatively, if you wanted to show your wedding to the entire internet, those settings shouldn’t be so restricted. In that case, you wouldn’t want all those shared photos and videos to be unseen. Have a look through your accounts and adjust them as you see fit.

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Talk to the Hired Staff

Wedding venues and caterers might feel they have the right to advertise their services on your social media, as a form of free marketing. While all that is expected, you will probably appreciate knowing their marketing plan in advance.

A short talk before the wedding can help make sure there aren’t any tacky promotional displays showing up on your wedding hashtag. A common, elegant solution is to simply have their brand logo showing in some (but not all) of the photos.

They get some marketing, without an in-your-face promotional advertisement. How you share on social media during your wedding is a personal choice. Planning ahead for any mishaps can alleviate the stress of the big day.

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