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Top 10 Middle East Startups to Watch in 2023

This article lists down the top 10 Middle East startups to watch in 2023. The online b2b marketplaces deal with retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

B2B commerce and marketing have gained a lot of attention in recent years. B2B has made a name for itself in the business sector. As a result of the introduction of new technologies and business improvements.

A new dimension of business has gotten a lot of attention in recent years: the b2b marketplace. Without collaboration, an advanced and ever-evolving marketplace would be difficult to attain.

Companies across a wide range of industries rely on the products, services, and capabilities of others to execute tasks as complex as cloud infrastructure maintenance or as routine as delivering freight.

B2B is a business paradigm that promotes corporate success by allowing relationships to expand, marketing to become more transparent, and entire industries to prosper while satisfying specific company objectives.

It’s been wonderful to witness the MENAP countries generate trust and spread around the area throughout that time.

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Let’s take a look at the top Middle East startups to watch in 2023. Each of them delves into the market’s distinct characteristics, such as their business model, consumer practices, and growth paths.

Top 10 Middle East startups to watch in 2023

10) Rabbit

Rabbit is an Egyptian-based on-demand on-demand b2b internet marketplace. It has steadily taken on Europe and the United States, and it is now expanding into Africa and the Middle East. It claims to be able to meet all of a user’s household requirements and more in less than 20 minutes.

Rabbit will deliver your belongings to your door in 20 minutes, whenever and wherever you need them. That’s all there is to it! Cravings in the middle of the night?? Is there something missing? Have you forgotten something critical that you need to get done today?

Do you want to sip something cold and refreshing? The startup has you covered! Countless deals, all your favorite brands, and more, all as fresh as they come and always in stock.

Users can buy these five categories of items (groceries, basic fashion items, cosmetics, toys, and household items) from third-party suppliers and retailers through the Rabbit delivery app, which then stores them in its warehouses, add a markup, and sells them through an app with a flat delivery fee for customers.

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WeMENA is one of the largest B2B wholesale marketplaces in the Middle East, connecting wholesale buyers, retailers, and company procurement teams with approved Middle Eastern wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

With WeMENA, ordering in bulk is no longer a burden. It also has choices to buy now and pay later. It also has a minimal minimum order quantity and accepts cash on delivery for all orders. WeMENA also takes pleasure in giving the most competitive wholesale prices.

Wholesale buyers can choose from thousands of products in over 30 categories, including protective equipment supplies, electronic & gadgets, housing & cleaning supplies, food packaging and catering supplies, bath & beauty consumables, children & baby items, healthcare, grocery & foodstuff, stationery, and office products, and more, by signing up for the app. WeMENA is the largest wholesale market in the Middle East, with hundreds of products added to the platform every week.

8) Makayin

Makayin is the first online industrial b2b marketplace in Saudi Arabia. As an e-Commerce division, the firm is one of the largest b2b marketplaces. Makayin is an online startup that specializes in engineering and selling industrial machines and utility solutions throughout Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Makayin specializes in the industrial area, having been the first b2b platform to open. The firm was created to fulfill all of the industrial needs and to serve as a meeting point for factories, suppliers, and retailers from all over the world to improve the industrial business in a quick, secure, and simple manner.

Users can get all of their industrial needs met through Makayin, including new machinery, spare parts, raw materials, manufactured materials, and other services. It’s a great place for industries to meet suppliers of machines and spare parts, as well as raw supplies. Also for reconditioned machinery.

Furthermore, Makayin serves as a gathering location for factories to present and sell their created goods to local and worldwide markets. It also connects factories with industry experts and consultants for help and consulting. The factories with contractors for new expansions are last but not least. Construction services for new factories are also available.


Splyr Global is a b2b e-commerce startup and online wholesale platform situated in Dubai, founded and directed by a team of seasoned business and technology professionals who have worked at some of the top firms in their fields. Splyr.com is a B2B marketplace that connects small and medium businesses with suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers, resulting in a more efficient supply chain.

Splyr Global is the b2b marketplace that helps small and medium-sized businesses expand by eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. Through a large network of over 208 logistic and payment partners, the company enables the purchase of items and saves businesses time and money on trips to manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as bringing supplies to their store. The portal also allows buyers to connect with, browse, and buy from tens of thousands of products from MENA providers.

6) Odiggo

Oddigo is a Saudi Arabian online B2B startup. Spare parts, accessories, tires, and batteries from vendors, dealers, and wholesalers in the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are included in the Oddigo catalog. Odiggo connects buyers with pre-existing car components and accessories from a variety of sellers. It grew in popularity thanks to its web platform and mobile app.

In Egypt, Odiggo is a reliable supplier of genuine and high-quality aftermarket auto parts and accessories. Users can purchase items online and have them delivered to their homes at the best price. Furthermore, the platform will supply it to you from various resellers and wholesalers.

The Odiggo mobile app also assists car owners in finding everything related to their vehicle. From automobile components to car accessories to whatever service you may require, such as car washes and tire repair at home, we have it all. The majority of services are delivered and installed in the privacy of your own home.

5) Abraa

Abraa is one of the MENA region’s fastest-growing online B2B portals. The firm, which is based in Dubai, caters to suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers in the wholesale sector. It also handles exporters, importers, buyers, products, trade leads, and import-export. Moreover, businesses and merchants in the MENA region can use the platform to source products from manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers all around the world. With the motto “Connecting Markets,” the website is currently running from three separate nations.

Abraa.com allows buyers to easily and confidently source products. As a result, the members have access to actual purchase requests, genuine upselling chances, and future business opportunities. Food and beverages, health and beauty, Industrial & Construction, auto parts, gadgets, electronics, apparel, and textiles are among the categories available on Abraa. On the other hand, their mission is to build the most efficient and user-friendly B2B platform with access to all types of verified manufacturers from every industry. Abraa.com has you covered whether you’re purchasing from various vendors or selling to buyers all over the world.

4) Tradeling

Tradeling is a B2B platform for buyers in the Middle East and North Africa situated in Dubai. With the online trade of food and beverages, as well as office products, the firm works with resellers, merchants, producers, and wholesalers. Beauty products, electronics and accessories, fashion, industrial supplies, and machinery are all included in the categories. Saudi Arabia and other regional markets are being added to Tradeling’s portfolio.

Users can get the products they need at wholesale pricing through this b2b portal. Furthermore, they provide a unified digital solution for all corporate purchases. The one-stop-shop design also saves time and money by removing the hassle from the supply chain process. It’s simple to locate the perfect buyers or sellers for your sector with Tradeling. Furthermore, it simply organizes all of your order communications with various partners in one area.

Tradeling seeks to make business-to-business (B2B) trade easier, faster, and more secure. Their goal is to become the most popular platform for all business purchases.

3) Capiter

Capiter is a B2B marketplace platform in Egypt that links micro, small, and medium-sized companies (SME). It includes a single platform that allows stores to order a variety of products, receive the delivery, and use an embedded BNPL solution all from one location.

Furthermore, the Capiter solution app assists businesses, retailers, and manufacturers in gaining critical insights into the markets they service. This gives them real-time data to improve their distribution techniques and boost efficiency. Machine learning and cutting-edge technologies are to thank for this.

Capiter’s app provides over 1.9 million shops with a secure and convenient solution for their daily transactions in just a few clicks. It also broadens the distribution network and brings fair pricing and transparency to the market. It presently services over 50,000 merchants and 1,000 sellers with a team of over 1500 employees.

2) Retailo

Retailo is a MENAP-based online b2b marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform digitizes and simplifies the retail industry, making it elegantly simple. Retailers can rely on this retailer marketplace to distribute products in a simple, timely, and trustworthy manner.

By reducing inventory and cash flow issues, our technology empowers the friendly local business. The app allows customers to choose from over 3500 SKUs. It also provides free next-day delivery within 24 hours, making purchasing simple and stress-free. Furthermore, the application is designed to match the needs of retailers.

The startup’s b2b business app is simple to use and makes business easier for shops. You may download the app, register your store as a retailer, browse merchandise, and place orders for free delivery to your store within 24 hours. Retailo has quickly grown and now has a significant presence in three countries in the MENAP region.

1) MaxAB

MaxAB is one of Cairo’s most popular wholesale food and grocery B2B ordering websites. The startup uses data-driven technologies and cutting-edge supply networks to re-engineer the food and grocery business.

It connects low-income food and grocery stores with low-cost suppliers. This software re-engineers the informal grocery and food market to match the demands of retailers in the areas we serve, using enabling technology and creative supply networks.

The platform is on a mission to empower businesses by giving a varied product assortment, outstanding customer service, and operational support. The right amount of food is delivered to the right location at the right time thanks to our technology-enabled supply chain.

MaxAB’s app integrates supply chains to provide the best prices to retailers. Furthermore, the platform provides 24-hour delivery to small businesses and retailers in disadvantaged areas. It also provides price information to both suppliers and retailers via the app! The startup also provides a digital wallet as well as a range of payment choices!


This year 2023, new levels of investment, digital adoption, and b2b business shaping will continue to improve MENAP’s business and consumer experience. These businesses plan to last the rest of the year and beyond.

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