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Preparation for Class 9 Maths Olympiad in 3 Months

If you have set your mind to appear for the IMO (International Maths Olympiad) of class 9 and you have only three months on your hands.

Then you must be thinking about how to prepare for the class 9 maths olympiad in 3 months.

Then this article will be helpful for all those students preparing for class 9 maths olympiad but they have only a few times to prepare for the exam.

The first step before going for any book or worksheet or anything else, is first the students have to know the exam in which they are going to appear. Knowing the exam and getting familiar with the demand of the exam is necessary for all students. 

So let’s start the preparation with knowing the class 9th Maths Olympiad exam and then will discuss the preparation tips to cover the syllabus in 3 months

Brief about Class 9 Maths Olympiad (IMO):

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with the sole purpose of identifying hidden talents among students in grades I through XII. In terms of intellectual ability and reasoning power, the enhanced set of questions in this exam is quite difficult.

The extremely skilled students are selected based on their national performance. This international competition attracts more than 100 countries from five continents. For being a  representative of a country, candidates are needed to qualify first at the national level exam. 

Any student in grade 9 is eligible to compete in the different levels of this international competition. The school authorities of the respected class are in charge of the application process. The exam is conducted on two different levels: say, level 1 & level 2. IMO Level 1 examination is usually held in November or December.

IMO  Level 2 examination takes place in February and/or March of the next year. The Level 1 result is generally declared in December/January months. While the Level 2 result is released in March/April of the next year.

Now you will surely get a brief idea about the class 9 maths olympiad. So, let us discuss the preparation tips that will help you to clear the class 9 maths olympiad.

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1. Know Your IMO Exam Pattern and Hence the IMO Syllabus

Before purchasing any study material for the exam preparation first you need to know your IMO exam pattern and its syllabus for class 9. 

There will be two levels in the IMO exam named level 1 and level 2. 

  • The IMO class 9 question paper will include objective-type questions. There will be a total of 50 questions in the exam and the time allotted for the IMO exam will be 60 minutes. 
  • The paper will have four different sections: Logical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, Mathematical Reasoning, and the Achievers section.
  • The question paper will be given in the English language and the syllabus of the exam will be followed by the syllabus of respective classes of CBSE/ ICSE/ ISC/ state boards.

2. Knowing the Marking Scheme is Necessary

The marking scheme for the class 9 IMO exam is given as under:

  • Logical Reasoning:- total of 15 questions will be asked from the logical reasoning, each question consists of one mark. Hence the total marks from the section contribute 15 marks in the class 9 IMO exam.
  • Mathematical Reasoning:- total of 20 questions will be asked from the mathematical reasoning, each question consists of one mark. Hence the total marks from the section contribute 20 marks in the class 9 IMO exam.
  • Everyday Mathematics:- total of 10 questions will be asked from Everyday mathematics, each question consists of one mark. Hence the total marks from the section contribute 15 marks in the class 9 IMO exam.
  • Achievers Section:- a total of 5 questions will be asked from the Achievers section, each question consists of three marks. Hence the total marks from the section contribute 15 marks in the class 9 IMO exam. 

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3. Choose the Best Class 9 IMO Study Material

Studying from the books recommended by your respective board will not help you understand the authority’s preferred question patterns. It is a national-level talent search competition. Therefore, you will not be confronted with traditional intelligence-testing questions. You’ll need books on SOF IMO and sample question papers, previous year papers, and an online portal to take mock IMO exams for your preparation. 

You have to take help from other books rather than your regular academic books. You need to go through the books designed for international level examinations such as IMO, and many other exams. 

4. Take Help from IMO Sample Paper

Olympiad papers are not designed in such a manner to understand it very easily. Because the examiner wants to check your thinking and mathematical ability. Hence, all the students should go through the sample papers published on the official site of SOF.

Sample papers play an important role in your class 9 IMO preparation. IMO Sample Papers for Class 9 help you to know the important topics from the exam syllabus, and more importantly the exam pattern of the class 9 IMO exam. 

Together with solving the IMO sample paper, you have to do the thorough practice of questions from different books and practice papers. It will help you in the main exam of class 9 maths olympiad and also helpful in boosting your confidence.

5. Take Assistance from 24*7 Available Resources

Since you have very little time and you have to read a lot of things within just three months for your class 9 maths olympiad. Therefore, you don’t have to read all the stuff for the olympiad exam. Read-only the important topics for the upcoming olympiad and practice questions on those important topics only.

If you are curious to know the important topics for the maths olympiad then you have to take help from the internet. There is a lot of important stuff from an exam point of view which are easily accessible from the 24*7 available internet. 


If you are studying for class 9 maths olympiad and have only 3 months for the preparation then you have to study smartly. The above pieces of information given in the article will surely be helpful for all the class 9 students who are preparing for the Maths olympiad. 


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