Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring

Last Updated on September 9, 2020 by MoneyVisual

When atoms of carbon in crystalline form are arranged, then the most amazing and dazzling gemstone diamond is formed. This lustrous gemstone is known to be most precious and valuable in the world and therefore used as an ornament to wear. Also being precious requires jewellery valuation. 

The Four C’s About Diamonds:

Diamond when cut finely produces a faceted jewel due to which the lustre of the diamond is optimized. These are extremely hard and brittle, can split up in a single blow. Therefore a delicate procedure is followed while cutting these diamonds.

The colours in diamonds are originated due to impurities and other two additional sources are irradiation and plastic deformation. 

The diamond which has no impurity is crystal clear and is the most expensive. Likewise, the yellow diamond with some impurity is the most popular. The value of the diamond is measured by its colour.

The weight of the diamond defines carat. This is not related to the size of the diamond as the diamond with high carat and poor cut may look smaller whereas diamond with low carat and good cut can look bigger. Carat has the greatest impact on the price of the diamond.

Diamond rings are the perfect jewellery gift for your loved ones. While presenting a ring to your loved one’s not only 4c’s of the diamond but the setting of the diamond is equally important. Many things have to be taken into consideration while choosing a perfect diamond ring.

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Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring