Top Factors that Affect Life Insurance Premium

Life Insurance Premium

Here you can know the top factors which affect your life insurance premium, in case you are wondering how the life insurance premium is being calculated.

Whenever you buy a life insurance then you might have encountered many questions. If you are able to answer these question will help you to decide how much risk you pose and how much insurance company need to pay you in case of an insurance claim.

Each and every insurance companies have different criteria to offer an insurance policy to a person. Life insurance premium differs from person to persona because of insurance company have defined few certain criteria to issue a policy to the people.

Let’s discuss the factors in details based on which life insurance premium decided

Age of the Person

Age of the person is the main factor based on which life insurance premium decided. Let’s understand this suppose you are young there is less chance to contract diseases to your body and as you are taking life insurance plan at early age you are more likely to choose long duration and this will result in you will pay number of premium to compare to the person who is taking life insurance policy in later age.

So the life insurance premium will be less for the young people because insurance company considers policy duration to decide insurance premium. If older people are taking life insurance premium will be high because they have a short duration of policy tenure period and more likely to encounter with diseases.


You might hear that men and women are same but according to insurance company women live longer than men and are likely to less claim risk. Hence, the premium will be less for females compared to males, although falling in same criteria.

Smoking and Drinking

We all know that smoking and drinking are injurious to health and it also increases the change of contracting critical diseases. The life insurance premium will be high for a person who smokes and drinks alcohol. The premium may be 40%-60% higher than a non-smoker and drinker people. So, we can say that smoking and drinking alcohol are not only injurious to health but also wealth too.

Policy Tenure

The policy tenure period is one of the main factors to decide the life insurance premium. Suppose the policy duration is long the insurance premium will be less and for short-term policy premium will be high compared to long-term policy.

The platform you are using to Buy Policy

Life insurance premium also depends on the way you are buying a policy. In this digital era and easy access to the internet, all major insurance company offers insurance policy through an online platform to buy a policy. Buying insurance is easy and will cost less premium because the cost of giving policy is less which results in less insurance premium. Buying insurance policy online will cut down the commission, hug paperwork and administration cost hence, the life insurance premium is less.

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The frequency of Premium Payment

The insurance company offers the frequency of premium payment like monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The fact is the if you choose to pay insurance premium monthly the cost will be high because this includes so many paperwork and another cost every month and if you choose to pay premium as quarterly, semi-annually and annually the life insurance premium will be less compare to monthly payment because this will save lots of paperwork and another cost.

Your Current Health Situation

Many of the insurance company ask you for the medical test before offering life insurance policy to you to check your current health status. After, getting medical report insurance company decide the life insurance premium based on your current health status. If you are prone to diseases the insurance premium will be high and you are medically fit the insurance premium will be less.


The premium of life insurance also depends on your occupation because some occupation is more dangerous like industry worker, miners, shipping and fisherman they need to pay a high premium to compare to other occupation like people working in the office job where the working place is safe.

Final Word!

All the factors mansion above which affects the insurance premium is also depends on how insurance company rate all these factors. Insurance premiums are more likely based on an individual basis. So, it is recommended to compare life insurance quotes online before buying life insurance. Last but not least always check the policy wording and read the fine print carefully before signing life insurance policy.