Small Business That Can be Started with Small Capital

Small Business

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It is a desire of each and every individual to run their own business and wanted to be their own boss. There is nobody to tell that this should be done or this should not be done. When you own a business you know that if there are profits in business you are going to gain benefits it and if there is a loss in business you are going to be at loss.

Not even a single person wanted to miss an opportunity to start their own business. If you look a few years back to current times the trends of starting a start-up are on the boom. If you also want to start your own business then here are the small business that can start with a small amount of investment.

Here is the List of Few small Business

  1. Travel Agency – If you have good knowledge related to traveling then you can start a travel agency with a small investment and start earning a good amount of money.
  2. Mobile Recharge Shop –In the current time there various options to recharge your mobile online but in India, most people trust in to get their mobile recharged through the recharge shop.
  3. Tuition / Coaching Center – Today demand for a home tutor are increasing in India. If you have a good understanding of any of the subjects you can start coaching center and benefits of coaching center it does not require much investment.
  4. Tailoring – As you are aware that today’s era totally depends on ready to wear clothes but even then there is the demand for a good tailor in India. If you have these skills then easily you can start your business with a small amount of investment.
  5. Blogging – If you have good writing skills then you can start blogging because in this digital era bloggers are paid for their writing skills. You can write for a specific industry or company and they will pay for it.
  6. YouTube – In this era of YouTube you can start earning if you have the skill to make the educational video, fun-made the video, or any kind of video which required in the current time. You can start by creating a YouTube channel.
  7. Wedding Consultant – When it comes to a wedding there are a lot of things that need to be done. Sometimes individuals need some kind of information regarding how to plan all events at the wedding. You can get a good commission if you become a wedding consultant in India.
  8. Photography – If you got good photography skills and interested in capturing photos you can start professional photography and start earning. You may become a wedding photographer and get paid a good amount of money for photography.
  9. Event Management – If you can build networking and manage a team then this business can be very beneficial for you. You can manage events and get paid for that work.
  10. Online Course – you can start this small business with very less amount of capital and start earning because most of the competitive exams now being prepared online.
  11. Roadside Bookstore – It sounds very cheap by hearing the roadside bookstore but the profit from this business can be high because you don’t have to pay any rent for the shop and the book would be very cheap due to an old book. Once you have taken permission from Municipal Corporation you can run your small business very smoothly.
  12. Social Media Strategist – At the current time social media mean a lot. If you are passionate about social media and have good knowledge then you can work as a social media strategist and earn a good amount of money in no time.
  13. Graphics Designing – Today the scope of graphic design is quite good and there is no shortage of opportunity. Once you will get some success in this work you start working from home too.

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